Pernix Group is nominated for the US Secretary of State’s Corporate Excellence Award

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“[Pernix’s] commitment to complying with local and international laws became a strong negotiation point in diplomatic  discussion with the Government of Fiji.”

Ambassador C. Steven McGann

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The Secretary of State’s Award for Corporate Excellence (ACE) is awarded to one or more U.S. firms, that operate internationally, who have a proven record for advancing best practices, have good corporate governance and democratic values overseas. Ambassadors from around the globe make these nominations. Bob Hormats, Under Secretary for Economic, Energy and agricultural Affairs with the U.S. Department of State refers to the 42 nominees of 2009, saying “[That] each of these companies has shown leadership in what we call the diplomacy of deeds – doing good work that promotes opportunity and prosperity.”

President Obama was quoted “Around the world, even as we pursue a new era of engagement with other nations, we’re embracing broader engagement – new partnerships between societies and citizens, community organizations, business, faith-based groups.” He went on to acknowledge the importance of contributions, by saying the “partnerships between business [and] entrepreneurs to advance prosperity and opportunity for people everywhere”

In his nomination letter to the ACE committee, Ambassador C. Steven McGann, applauded Pernix on its “cooperation [for demonstrating] their long-term commitment to Fiji as well as the U.S. Government in remaining completely aboveboard with their business practices.” In the early phases of the project, Fiji was going through multiple changes of Government, with the skilled work force often leaving the islands and the local economy declining and there were strained relationships between the U.S. Government and the Government of Fiji, Ambassador McGann further adds “Through those difficult circumstances [Pernix] assisted the Embassy and cooperated with the U.S. Government construction management team in an exemplary manner, demonstrating teamwork and commitment to excellence. [Pernix]’s commitment to complying with local and international laws became a strong negotiation point in diplomatic  discussion with the Government of Fiji.”

Pernix always strives to be a good corporate citizen, when working anywhere in the world, we work with a keen understanding and great respect for the local culture and customs. We know what it takes to achieve success, and it requires the help and teamwork of many. We like knowing that, in our success as a business we’ve achieved a personal level of success or achievement for each of our employees. We take great pride in being recognized by the Ambassador for the improvement in the skill sets for over 1,000 local employees and with our dedication to utilizing the local resources and improving their economy, evidenced by the addition of more then $25 million dollars into the economy through local contractors and suppliers.

Ambassador McGann ends by saying “[Pernix] participates in community outreach programs near their workplaces, understanding that a positive contribution to local families and organizations can outlast short-term economic objectives. [Pernix] represents the best in American values and commitment, which translates to widespread benefits in the community
beyond their customers and clients.”

Ambassador McGann nominated Telesource International, Inc.. in July of 2009; in October of 2009, Telesource changed its name to Pernix Group, Inc.