Safety Culture

Our Approach


“Pernix has an exceptional safety program including actual classroom with hands on training (example: fall protection).
Congratulations guys on an outstanding program.”
– James Anderson, Department of State, Site Security Manager, OBC Rehabilitation Project

At Pernix, safety is a top priority. It is a core value that is fundamental to our operations on all levels. We pride ourselves on our proven safety educations and training programs, making safety not only a basic requirement but a moral responsibility.

Pernix continuously develops and improves our training and incentive programs that are designed to reward our employees and subcontracting teams for putting safety first. Our safety management program, much like those offered at a houston osha training facility, utilizes a proactive approach and is designed to prevent unnecessary work delays which results in saving time and money and, most importantly, keeps our work sites injury-free.

As a general rule, Pernix jobs are all different and it is a number one priority to assign a safety officer, assess each job, and design a customized safety plan for each job site. Today, all Pernix jobs have a designated, specially trained safety officer on site. When customizing our safety plans for site-specific requirements, Pernix incorporates all client required programs, but then takes it a step further and is able to offer award-winning safety plans.

While our systems are proven daily as effective in minimizing safety risk exposure, what helps maintain our excellent track record is that we understand this is a fluid process and needs to be proactively maintained through continuous risk identification, process improvement, compliance enforcement, and overall system monitoring via incident management using software solutions to ensure the risks can be identified, improved within compliance and overall create a safer working environment.

To ensure our employees and subcontractors meet all of our safety criteria, our safety programs include regular consultation with owners, weekly meetings, safety induction seminars, regular internal and external training, monthly risk assessments, structured incident and accident reporting requirements, quarterly internal safety audits, and management systems.

Many of our personnel have undergone extensive OSHA training, including the train-the-trainer program and obtained certifications from OSHA as trainers. Pernix incorporates OSHA standards in our job sites and work locations even if OSHA does not have jurisdiction in the country where the job is located. Having training in safety practices is extremely important for a workplace to take part in, first-aid is also something that needs to be taught more in work areas. There are companies that run courses for CPR training and first-aid, companies such as ottawa Coast2Coast offer this to people who want to gain more knowledge and skills in that area. It could possibly save someone’s life, so it is worth it to get the training.