Construction Management (Risk & Agency)

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Texas Giesecke Engineering Research Building, Institutional ConstructionOur state-of-the-art Construction Management services provide a systematic project review, including a comprehensive construction and start-up schedule. By establishing a singular point of responsibility, we provide continuous updates on project milestones and ensure the safest working environment while we deliver your project on-time and on-budget. We use a vast array of technologies to ensure that your project is complete and on time. Since construction management is a very important part of any construction project, there are a lot of applications that would be useful to those who are looking for help with their projects, from time tracking to a construction daily report there are now different types of construction management software that could to keep a project on track.

We have experience with both Construction Management at-risk and Construction Management as agent projects. Our Construction Management teams maintain a proprietary database that comprises a completion report, job narrative, and cost recording in a building systems format. Data can be sorted by the type of job, the relative complexity, research and development, size, and location. This invaluable information allows our internal estimating team to provide accurate, realistic costs when estimating the price of your project. Your construction project is very important to you and us, so making sure you have the necessary equipment is critical, for example, danger/warning signs for the construction site, everyone who is working there as well as pedestrians need to know the dangers that can happen if they don’t take proper precaution.