This project, which was completed by Pernix Guam employees, was situated in two three-story buildings at Andersen Air Force Base Guam. The project scope of work included the following:


  • Replacement and installation of all ceilings.
  • Removal of all existing HVAC equipment and ducting.
  • Installation of all new HVAC and ducting to include 7 air handling units and pre-cooling coils, 2 new chilled water pumps provided with variable speed drives for maximum energy efficiency, 13 new variable air volumizers, all associated ducting, and repair/replacement all roof ventilators.
  • Installation of emergency stop button in the dormitory manager’s office to enable shutdown of
    the entire system in case of an emergency.
  • Installation of Direct Digital Control (DDC) system for energy management and control. DDC system provides for system control from a central location; providing system operating schedules, normal and emergency operation and start-up, monitoring of equipment status, and trouble annunciation.
  • Replacement of all water closets and general reconfiguration of all bathrooms to include hot and cold water plumbing, floor drains, and cleanouts


  • Removal and replacement of all lights, interior and exterior.
  • Removal and replacement of all electrical wiring, conduits, outlets, and switches.
  • Removal and installation of four new power transformers.
  • Removal and replacement of control transformers, primary and sub-panels circuit breaker boxes, and circuit breakers.
  • Installation of new disconnects and power wiring for the new HVAC equipment.

One of the challenges of this project was working around carefully coordinated power outages during the transformer installations and hook-ups. Due to Anderson’s power grid set-up, power for a few blocks around the dorm was necessarily cut during these changeovers to allow the primary lines to be made up and connected. Some sensitive facilities as well as some base housing resided on these circuits and the downtime for the outages was carefully monitored.

  • Owner: NAVFAC Marianas
  • Location:Andersen Air Force Base, Guam
  • Project Type:Design/Bid/Build