Pernix Group’s subsidiary, Pernix (Fiji) Ltd., has a 25-year contract with the Fiji Electricity Authority (FEA) to operate and maintain diesel-fired power generation plants located in Suva and Vuda, Fiji and to sell electrical energy produced, on a wholesale level, at a contractually determined rate, without risk of fuel price fluctuation. The contract for this project expires in 2028.

In 1999, FEA awarded Pernix the contract to expand the Kinoya Power Plant to 12 MW. The power plant, situated near Suva, the capital of Fiji, is part of the FEA grid and is the largest diesel-based power plant in Fiji. Due to high energy demand, low installed capacity and rolling power outages, FEA modified the contract to move the 12 MW machines to Vuda Power Plant, which is the second largest diesel-based power plant in Fiji, and to add 20 MW machines to the Kinoya Power Plant.

As a testament to FEA’s high level of satisfaction, in 2003, Pernix was awarded a 20-year Operation & Maintenance (O&M) contract for both the Kinoya and Vuda Power Plants. In 2005, Pernix was awarded the O&M concession for a 30 MW extension to the Kinoya Power Plant. In 2015, Pernix was awarded an additional concession for the 36 MW expansion to the plant and an extension of the O&M services for another 5 years.

In total, Pernix has 108 MW of diesel power generation capacity under management in Fiji through 2028. The power plants are fully compliant with the environmental regulations of Fiji, World Bank Guidelines and engineering practice recommendations for ground level exhaust emissions.

  • Owner:Fiji Electric Authority (FEA)
  • Location:Fiji Islands
  • Project Type:EPC and O&M
  • Size:108 MW
  • Technology:Reciprocating Engine, 2x Wartsila 18V38, 2x Wartsila 18V32, 4 x CAT 16CM32