The Pernix Guam employees completed this project as the primary subcontractor to Johnson Controls, Inc. to provide services related to site preparation and installation of 250 kW Solar Photovoltaic System Panels (also referred to as Solar Array PV System).

Work included:

  • Installation of 225 KVA pad mounted transformer
  • Installation of 15 KV disconnect switch.
  • Installation of 250ft of 15KV concrete incased underground service.
  • Installation of PV modules, combiners, inverters and related accessories.
  • Design & Construction of inverter building and installation of AC units, wall-mounted exhaust fan, ceiling lights, and grounding system and lightning protection system.
  • Provided services for expansion of future Array.
  • Testing and commissioning of the 250V PV system.
  • Installed a remotely monitored weather station.
  • Design and installation of a weed barrier system.

Site works included clearing, silt fence, grading, mass fill, mass cut and disposal of excess materials, landscaping (hydro-seed and topsoil), and installation of chain link fence around the PV Array System area. The project had cultivated an outstanding recommendation from the owners while securing “An Excellent Construction Award” from Guam Contractors Association. The Array was specially designed to withstand conditions in a tropical environment which included category 5 typhoons. The Solar Array generates enough power to support approximately 50 homes in the adjacent Navy housing complex. It has an Environmental impact reducing 11,557,066 pounds of Co2 form the environment. This site is an integral part of a larger global renewable energy strategy from the U.S. Navy.

  • Owner: NAVFAC Marianas
  • Location:Guam Naval Base
  • Project Type:Design/Bid/Build