Vision, Mission, Core Values

Our Company

The Pernix Circle of Success


Our Vision

To leave a legacy of excellence in everything we do and build.

Our Mission

To safely deliver complex projects worldwide for the most discriminating customers while consistently exceeding all their expectations.

Our Core Values

Safety. This is our highest concern; we adhere to the highest standards and codes, ensure that our workforce is properly trained,
and regularly review procedures to guarantee the safety of our workforce, partners and the general public.

Customer Satisfaction. We maintain open communication with our customer base, treat customers with respect,
deal with our customers as partners and ensure our vendors and subcontractors understand our values.

Reputation. We safeguard our public image at all costs; we require high ethical standards for all employees; we take swift, decisive
and corrective actions in potentially embarrassing situations and we always ensure that our dealings with customers are based on honesty and integrity.

Time. We will not pursue projects that are outside our core competencies, we keep a knowledge database to minimize reinventing the wheel,
we seek industry best-in-class processes to improve efficiency and we build a collaborative culture wherein employees respect each other and the customers’ time.

Performance. We possess the resources and share a collective commitment to drive peak performance in all of our endeavors.

Leadership. We believe in attracting the best talent and fostering internal leadership to drive innovation that benefits our clients and the communities they serve.

Agility. Through our dynamic global structure we empower our team to respond to challenges and capitalize on evolving business opportunities.