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Pernix Guam, LLC
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Pernix Guam, LLC


A Common Purpose

In 2015, Pernix Group acquired certain assets of dck pacific guam, LLC to form Pernix Guam, LLC. This acquisition complemented Pernix’s expanding Pacific operations to include existing personnel on Guam, and increased the Company total employee count on Guam to 81 personnel. It also add to Pernix’s construction equipment fleet, including various cranes, lifts, generators, compressors, and many other construction equipment, along with more than 30 cars, trucks, and trailers.

The acquisition also included the acquisition of dck worldwide, LLC’s 55% membership interest in dck-ecc pacific guam, LLC, a joint venture with Environmental Chemical Corporation with operations in Guam (the “JV”), which is currently executing a $53.6 million dollar contract for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command for the design and construction of an aircraft maintenance hangar to provide operational and maintenance facilities for the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam. Upon closing of the transaction with dck, Pernix assumed a 96% interest in all rights and obligations of the JV with respect to the aircraft maintenance hangar project, while the other members of the JV retain the rights to all other projects of the JV.

The addition of an equipment fleet and the hiring of personnel with years of experience on Guam completing new construction and renovation work on institutional, retail, hotel, recreational, offices, and industrial facility space expanded and strengthened Pernix’s capabilities and positioned the Company to rapidly respond to the growing commercial and US Military needs on Guam.

The photos below are of projects completed by the Pernix Guam employees.

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