In September 2015, Pernix Group, Inc. was awarded the $81.6 million dollar contract award for the U.S. Embassy Berlin – Clay Allee Campus, including major renovations, campus security upgrade, and Marine Security Guard Quarters (MSGQ) fit-out project. The site was originally constructed by the German Luftwaffe prior to WWII, and has historical significance stemming from its use as General Clay’s Berlin Brigade Headquarters during the Berlin Airlift. Pernix’s scope includes historical preservation and sustainability features.

The site is located in the City of Zehlendorf; southwest of Berlin. The portion of the site owned and occupied by the U.S. Government was one part of a larger compound of buildings constructed by the German Luftwaffe prior to WWII for use as an administration complex. This compound was taken over by the American Military after WWII and served as the Headquarters for American Military Government. The buildings and site are considered historically significant by the German government stemming from their use as General Clay’s Berlin Brigade Headquarters during the Berlin Airlift.

Clay Allee is an office annex as well as the location of Consular operations. The Annex has historic importance to the German government as it was a regional headquarter for the Luftwaffe during World War II. It was originally constructed in 1937. Following World War II, the building was the headquarters of the U.S. occupation army in Berlin. This was a Diplomatic Mission that existed during the U.S. Army’s tenure as the governing authority for the post war reconstruction of Germany. As the Army demobilized, this became first the U.S. Embassy and then an Embassy office annex, a position which it occupies to this day. The present Annex occupies only a portion of the former Headquarters compound; the remaining buildings were owned by the German government, and contained a building leased to the U.S. for the

  • Owner: Department Of State, Overseas Buildings Operations
  • Location:Berlin, Germany
  • Project Type:Design/Bid/Build