This project, which was completed by the Pernix Guam employees, included a design- build renovation for the new Joint Region Marianas Headquarters. The Joint Region Marianas Headquarters is the first military LEED certified Green Building and is home for personnel from the Joint Region and Naval Facilities Marianas. It is also the first LEED Silver Certified military building on Guam equipped with a joint operations center, conference rooms and administrative spaces.

The renovation included four separate buildings; a three-story former Naval Command Center, athletic storage room, cafeteria, and gymnasium. The first building received seismic strengthening work, demolition and replacement of interior walls and partitions to accommodate an open office concept, replacement of the window wall system to conform to AT/FP and low energy requirements, installation of energy efficient HVAC system, and installation of secure telecommunication lines for video teleconferencing. Specialty construction work included removing asbestos containing tiles, mastics, and piping insulation, installing a radon mitigation system in the lower basement level, and reparing and upgrading the existing elevator. During these renovations the existing communications room had to remain functional throughout the duration of the project.

The former athletic storage building was converted into a Power Plant Facility to accommodate the installations of two new 500 KW and one 150 KW emergency generators. Renovation on the cafeteria included removal of cafeteria equipment, demolition of existing interior partitions, and installation of new interior partitions and tile work for the use as an administrative facility. The gymnasium was deconstructed, removed, and turned into additional parking.

In addition, the project included removal of existing roadway and parking, and construction of a new parking lot and sidewalks to meet AT/FP requirements. It also included the installation of perimeter security lighting, fencing, and building mounted floodlights to illuminate the building and surrounding areas during times of emergency or

  • Owner:Department of the Navy
  • Location:Nimitz Hill, Guam
  • Project Type:Design-Build Renovation