This task order involves the design and construction of physical security upgrades at the U.S. Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan. Our work included the installation of anti-ram bollards; the removal of existing drop arm gates and their replacement with anti-ram barriers at two locations; the construction of a new anti-ram/anti-climb wall and a new guard boothwith a mantrap, sally port and all associated steel fencing, gates, barriers, and bollards; the replacement of existing steel fencing; the installation of two drop arm gates at the CMR; the replacement of the existing Main CAC doors with forced entry-ballistic resistant doors; the replacement of the existing Main CAC windows with forced entry-ballistic resistant windows.

We constructed the related infrastructure for the power, TSS and telecom upgrades and have re-instated the site as needed. We have also performed the required security upgrades at the COM residence, installed anti-ram barriers and required TSS infrastructure, as well as complete electrical systems.

The project was substantially completed on September 18, 2014; it was handed over to Post and is in full operation. This completion was completed earlier than the scheduled date, with zero lost time incidents, and to the Clients’ satisfaction. As of March 2015, all items in the punch list have been completed to the Government’s satisfaction and they have issued the certificate of final acceptance.

  • Owner:Department of State, Overseas Buildings Operations
  • Location:Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Project Type:Design/Build