Category 5 Cyclone Hits Vanuatu & VUI Prevails

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“It was awe inspiring to see the dedication and desire of our workers to help their neighbors that was displayed by our staff during this emergency.”

Peter Allen, General Manager, VUI

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Vanuatu was hit by a Category 5 Cyclone.  Some reports state that this is the second strongest cyclone to ever make landfall.  Pernix’s utility in Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu Utilities and infrastructure (VUI), was hit but did not take a direct hit from the cyclone.

VUI was able to maintain power throughout the storm to a majority of its customers. However, two of its feeders were shutdown from multiple tree falls.  VUI crews worked throughout the night during the storm to answer trouble calls, make downed lines safe, re-connect power to the hospital and prison and remove trees from lines and roads.  VUI was able to restore power to 100% of customers within 12 hours of the passing of the storm.

VUI has offered help to the Ministry and Department of Energy and to the other utility in Vanuatu.  VUI management would like to commend the excellent, professional work of the men and women who worked throughout the storm to maintain power for our customers.

VUI’s General Manager, Peter Allen stated, “It was awe inspiring to see the dedication and desire of our workers to help their neighbors that was displayed by our staff during this emergency.”


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