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John Wilson

Vice President of Construction

John Wilson joined Pernix Group in 2018 as the VP of Construction. Mr. Wilson has 45 years of experience working on successful projects across the construction, manufacturing, mining, solar energy, oil and gas, retail, self-storage, logistics, transportation, and defense industries. He has extensive experience leading global business development and expansion, having rapidly scaled a company from start-up to INC 500, and has a proven record of managing projects including high rises, bridges, roof and wall panel systems, cranes, hangar door systems, and pre-engineered buildings. His areas of expertise include strategic planning, start-ups, leadership, business development and more. He has worked on numerous assignments in austere and remote areas. This includes more than 40 years international experience working with many cultures in more than 40 countries in Africa, Middle East, South America, Asia, Europe and Australia. Currently Mr. Wilson is leading our operations in Guam as we are rapidly responding to the growing commercial and U.S. Military needs on the island.